U-Cont originated in 1966 by Matti Korhonen’s one-man repair shop for Pieksämäki. In the following year, Reijo Sistonen the expert of the tanks became the second partner. Repair workshop acted as Konehitsaus Korhonen & Sistonen. In the early days, besides tanks, a variety of things were done: sauna stoves with the Räväkkä brand, lawnmovers, train wagon repairs and much more according to demand. The first non- family worked started work in 1968.


The business continued focuced on a variety of customers needs. In 1976 a Muurikka griddle was developed. In 1979, the Company acquired its own facilities from Joroinen.


The sale of Muurikka was started in 1982. Sipako, a portable fuel tank was born at the beginning of the decade, starting the export business, the main market for former Soviet Union. We received the County Entrepreneur Prize in 1984 and the Entrepreneur Award of the Joroinen Municipality in 1985. In 1988 Matti Korhonen sold its share to Reijo Sistonen and changed its name to Savo’s Machine Welding.


We invest in new premises under the recession. U-Cont, an underground modular distribution station was developed and patended at the beginning of the decade. In 1995 U-Cont was the first licensing agreement in England and we got an ISO 9001 certificate. Muurikka Oy which manufactures Savon Konehitsaus Oy and Muurikka United in autumn 1996, when the Company named Oy U-Cont Ltd. In 1998 we received the East Finland Export Team Award. In the same year U-Cont set up an export Company Inuctan to Russia in co-operation with Tammerneon and Autotank. The first generation change was completed in 1998 when Jari Sistonen acquired the share capital of Reijo Sistonen.


In 2000 Muurikka emerged again as a separate company and now Opa Muurikka Oy operates as a separate company from U-Cont. U-Cont founded a joint venture company in Poland (U-Cont S.P.z.oo) 2001. The new steel mill was completed in spring 2004 in connection with existing production facilities. Cooperation with St1 Biofuels in the development and production of ethanol plants started in 2007, the first of wchich was completed in Lappeenranta in the autumn of the same year.


The largest distribution state trade in our history opened the new decade when we agreed on the delivery of the UNO-X Light distribution chain to Norway in early 2010. The development of the Fire product family culminated in the HFB- tank which is today one of our most popular products. In particular, the D-model distributoriship targeted at emerging economies was developed in 2015. U-Cont’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2016 started second generation change as part of the stock market was transferred to the third generation. In the autumn of 2016, we reached the 8th Place in the nationwide Growht Finish Finals, which has since boiled a lot of good, for example in the form of Growth Board supported by Nordea.