Undergound solutions

The U-Cont Underground Station product family is the world’s most installed modular distribution station product family. U-Cont as company is also named after its most famous product. The name U-Cont comes from Underground containment. Its popularity is based on significant advantages over all other solutions on the market.


The underground distribution station solution includes tanks, canopy, islands, shafts, piping, as well as transport of the whole to the site and installation. In an underground distribution station, the tanks are placed underground in a trench. Shafts, islands and canopy remain on the ground. When the tanks are placed underground, the distribution station needs a small space.


  • Minimum space requirement on the market
  • Tanks are placed underground out of sight and in shelter
  • Easy to maintain; the pipelines are mainly in shafts and the documents are in 3D
  • Quick installation compared to traditional construction
  • Modular design efficient low cost production and easy replication
  • The widest range of lay-outs on the market
  • Shielded and short pipelines
  • Safety; Maintenance shaft solution is crime, explosion and terror protected without extra costs
  • Easy portability compared to traditional underground solution
  • Easier and cheaper construction in groundwater areas
  • Minimum underground works

The fastest installation in the world, watch the video!



U-Boat boat refueling stations are implemented using other models in our product family. This allows lower prices and allows boats and other vehicles to be refueled at the same station. Boat refueling is always an environmentally sensitive area, so solutions must be tested and of high quality suitable for Arctic conditions.

Points to note at boat refueling points:

  • HFB tanks safely above or partially underground
  • visual solutions for sensitive locations
  • effects of ice and winter
  • structure vandalism and theft protection
  • Long refueling hoses and their location