Consept development

In consept development we will develop your business idea to productized and finished product utilized our know-how among the other things visualization, process management and tachnology. Consept development can also mean a careful refrom of an existing business consept.

Product development and concept development are mostly parallel processes, while at the core of product development products that increase the value of the customer’s business concept.

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Cooperation through the organization

All of our departments works closely together, so our product development team is constantly interacting with production and installers, keeping the customers perspective throug the development and production process.


Realistic operating model

Our approach prevents plans and ideas from slipping away from practical realities. Our way of working also reduces the risk of failures and information breaks.


A unique simulator

Our research and testing activities are unique in the world as a fuel distribution station simulator for customers and authorities.

Usein kysyttyä


Question and answer


Can I get quality documents for an old tank?


U-Cont regularly receives requests for quality containers of old tanks: size tables, test certificates and inspection cards. Searching for old documents means virtually a cellar archery by hand and it is really slow. For this reason, we charge a small fee 70€/ table found. However, it should be noted that, for example only a few containers made from the 1980's are storing documents.
If you need old documents, please contact Quality Manager Anni Mäki-Soini, To search for documents, you need a container number and at least one more precice information, such as year of manufacture, size, subdivious, subscriber or standard. The more accurate information you find, the more likely the right documents will be found.