Our process involves the implementation of a complete factory or distribution facility trough the process of refining, design, productisation, manufacturing and assembly up to installation- efficient, intelligent and green solutions for liquid distribution, storage and energy production.

Our process


1. Concept development

In the concept development we will develop and manufacture your business dream to productized and finished product.

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2. Design

Our design always starts with 3D models, which is the best solution for our needs. 3D- design reduces mistakes and qives a whole new look to the quality of your documents. We design tanks and everything that qoes with them – such as piping, steel structures, electricity and control systems.

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3. Production

The whole manufacturing process is made in one building which reduces the possibility of quality defects. Our functional and spacious factory place allows for a high degree of readiness.

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4. Logistics

We have tens of years experience of various logistical arrangements. Almost all of our products are modulated to facilitate transportation and installation.

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5. Installation service

A well-designed whole culminates in a careful and accurate installation that we have a solid experience. Our assembly and assembly teams have gained experience in underground installations at 500 meters deep, in complicated piping installations and in mining installations.

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6. Maintenance service

The value of a product is emphasized during its lifecycle. The trouble-free
number of years of distribution stations, various tanks and fuel systems is ensured by well- performing servicing. The value of a well maintained product is maintained while the value of poorly maintained equipment may even become negative.
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