Concept development

U-Cont was a partner in the development of the Uno-X Light concept from the beginning.

In the summer of 2012, Kevitsa Mining Oy’s mining distribution system was installed, and safety was key in its development work. A high level of safety was ensured, for example, with stone protection, fire protection and double-shell and insulated HFB tank construction.

U-Cont is a partner of the Norwegian Uno-X Hydrogen in hydrogen discharge solutions. The first co-operative hydrogen distribution unit was opened in Norway in 2016.

Distribution stations

Watch the video of AdContain filling stations

Together with Neste, we built the first above-ground gas station in Finland at the Tuusula housing fair area. The station now sells renewable diesel oil, and gasoline will be available for sale as soon as the Finnish government completes a regulation that allows gasoline to be stored on the ground as well.

A distribution station manufactured by U-Cont for St1 to Oulu in 2021. The station has a fueling station on two islands and, in addition, a Truck-Stop point prepared for heavy traffic.

Bunker Oil’s distribution station in Kristiansund, Norway, represents a very modern approach to distribution stability and its technical solutions. Pipes from the tank have been drawn to the meters from the canopy, minimizing earthwork and, for example, the risks caused by fires. In addition, the condition of the pipes is easy to control and maintenance is safe and handy. The canopy is rounded from one end and the other is secured to the tanks, giving the station a unique look. The two-compartment vertical container has a combined volume of 100 m³. The system includes a third smaller AdBlue tank

In summer 2013, U-Cont delivered one of Finland’s largest distribution stations to Oulu, renewed in Limingantullin Prisma, under the order of Osuuskauppa Arina. The canopy of the distribution station is the largest area ever made and it has special design.

Nowadays, Norway’s Mo i Ranas AdContain, which operates in the name of YX, was completed by the end of 2012. This heavy duty refueling station has been implemented with a vertical tank with gullwings. The logger’s doors can be lowered, for example, during a storm.

The AdContain distribution system can now be accessed on the way to our factory in Joroinen: the Neste Truck Diesel Station’s tank tanks are well on the way. The system has a very high level of protection and is easy to monitor.

This distribution station was built in 2010 in Korpilahti harbor. Due to the water level in the soil, the station was carried out with tank half on the ground. Half of the terrestrial tank is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution as it significantly shortens the underground pipelines and the filling site becomes easier to observe. Additionally, this allows direct access to the tank top. Environmental protection was particularly prominent in the project, because when it comes to nature, fuel can permanently damage sensitive lake habitats

The ABC-Juva is a compact, highly-designed sales unit for a small area with three fuel rods and one water-air island in the 10 × 30 meter area. Environmental risks are minimized by short pipelines and fully twin-flanged structures.

In Kalajoki, in the summer of 2017, the previous 2-island canopy of the distribution station was dismantled and a new canopy manufactured by U-Cont was installed on the place of the farthest island.

In Otaniemi, Espoo, you can see the 2H module station designed and delivered by U-Cont. The modular station is suitable for many conditions and as a solution it is safe and cost-effective. In addition, its installation is fast. U-Cont also supplied the double jacket tanks, which are placed on the ground, to that station.


HFB tanks are delivered to Savon Voima in size ranges from 30m3 to 100 m3. There are hundreds of heavy oil tanks manufactured in Finland in the 1970s and 1980s, which have reached their end of life. HFB series tanks made for Savon Voima Oyj are the answer to this need.

A fueling station delivered to ABC for boat refueling. In addition to the tank, the package includes an electrical center, a meter and an automatic. The whole is ready for operation when it is connected to the electricity supply on site.

For underground tank solutions, U-Conti has various options up to the 150m3 size category.

U-Cont has supplied underground tanks as sprinkler water tanks. These tanks can be placed, for example, under a parking area in an area where large amounts of water are required for the sprinkler system.

The oil tanks of Varkaus district heating were renewed in May-June 2017. The old tanks were removed and the foundations were renewed. U-Cont delivered eight above-ground 50m3 tanks to five different sites, installed in the Varkaus area.

Back-up power solutions

Data center Mäntsälä was installed in the 2014 machine room with a U-Contin fuel system with the reserve power plant. The cornerstone of the project was extensive content delivery, cost-effectiveness, project management, flexibility, durability and ease of customer experience. The delivery included the entire fuel system: tanks, piping, filtration, pumping and control systems as well as necessary services from design to installation.

Process systems

Liquid refueling system implemented for Avant Tecno.

Finnish St1 Biofuels contacted our company when it started manufacturing ethanol plants to order ordinary process tanks. U-Contilla we paid attention to factory modulation and overall process thinking. With the discussion, U-Cont participated in the project, but not only as a container supplier, but also involved in the development of the whole concept and in the subsequent process: design, production, logistics, installation and service

An isopropanol system was delivered to Orion in 2010. The system includes a stainless steel storage tank with weighing, heated ATEX-rated device lighting, pumps and valves, and SMS 3008 standard piping with filters. The system is controlled by Orion’s factory system. In 2011, the system was updated with a filling system for transferring isopropanol from the ibc- container to the storage tank.

The water-glycol system was delivered to WinWinD’s factory in 2009. U-Cont supplied included connections to the ibc- container, pumps, piping, valves, mixing tank and operating logic installed and commissioned. The system can make 30 to 60 percent of the water-glycol mixture and run the mixture into the cooling system. The implementation is based on Siemens’s logic.