U-Cont Oy’s management is being renewed 

Notice of change of CEO at U-Cont Ltd 3.1.2022  


U-Cont Oy’s management is being renewed 


Joel (Jopi) Sistonen started as U-Cont´s CEO at the beginning of this year. Tita Tajakka-Hotti has been appointed deputy CEO. Jari Sistonen, who started at the company´s CEO in 1997 will continue in development position after his 25 year term.  


” The CEO position is a great opportunity and it´s nice to have new challenges. The speed of change and surprises due to Covid, geopolitics and component shortages, for example, certainly make the work interesting and challenging. Fortunately, we have an evolving customer base and supplier network around us. However, as a family business, U-Cont is very familiar to me, which gives perspective to things”, says Joel Sistonen who has been the company´s CEO for the third generation.  


” For me, it´s an interesting challenge to move on to international sales after procurement career and continue Jari´s internationalization work. I hope I can also help women to come to work in traditional industries and to take new challenges”, describes the situation Tita Tajakka-Hotti, deputy CEO.  


“A quarter of a century in MD job and decade of other jobs here has left its mark. A lot has happened, and it has been great to be the engine of change in this international industry. Projects around the world with leading companies in the field, as well as many inventions, have enabled a great career. We have had a world record for the speed of construction of a petrol station since 1998. Now is a good time to focus on my passion which is problem solving through technology. Solutions are now expected to tackle climate change with technology”, says Jari Sistonen. 


Matti Lipsanen will continue as Chairman of the Board of U-Cont. The company has a subsidiary in Poland. U-Cont is a leading manufacturer of distribution stations and systems in Northern Europe. In the new market situation, when electric cars are changing the market, the company has invested in data centres, industrial systems and has also been involved in developing hydrogen solutions. The turnover was in 2020 13 million euros and year 2021 will be at the same level. 


“An all-time investment boom is expected in the energy sector as long as the direction of the solutions becomes clear in the politico-technical game. Billion-dollar investments await the author and our advanced know-how and experience in modulated construction will continue to be in international demand in the future. The company’s all-time team of experts will continue to work, and I will be responsible for coaching them in my new role together with international relations management.” Jari says. 


“Energy-related changes will significantly change the current business environment in the coming years offering new opportunities. You just must be able to see and take advantage of these opportunities. We have a great team here, so it´s good to start building the future, “says Joel. 


Joel Sistonen & Jari Sistonen