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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 🎄 🎅

Thank you for good cooperation during this year.

This year we have donated the money reserved for Christmas greetings to the Unicef ​​children’s fund, which helps children all over the world.

U-Cont Oy has signed a resale agreement with the English company WASP PFS Ltd

On 10 November 2022, U-Cont Oy has signed a resale agreement with the English company WASP PFS Ltd. We operate as an importer and seller of WASP PFS Ltd filter equipment in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Poland. With the help of filtration equipment, we will be able to offer complete solutions and operational reliability for our customers’ fuel storage in the future.

During the rest of the year, we will strengthen our team and we will announce more at the beginning of 2023.

More information:

150m3 tanks

This is how one of the three 150m3 containers left for the world.
We delivered all three pieces to the destination at the same time.

We manufacture underground and overhead tanks in the size category 3m3-150m3.
Our versatile products and different equipment options guarantee that it is easy to respond to various customer needs and purposes. 😎

Installation works in Norway

Installation work is also underway in Norway.

In this year’s second maintenance round in Norway, we service 10 distribution stations that we delivered to Uno-X.


Backup storaging

Due to the world situation, the need for backup storage is greater. There are currently several large tanks in a row on the production line.

Our selection includes different tank variations in the size category 3m3 – 150m3. Our versatile products and different equipment options guarantee that it is easy to respond to various customer needs and purposes.


A new fast charging concept as part of the product family

A new fast charging concept as part of the product family

U-Cont aims to provide multifuel solutions, including electricity. We are supporting the development towards renewable fuels and green transition by bringing a new product family to our product range.
In our new EV (electric vehicle) fast charging concept, we utilize the experience of thousands of distribution stations in prefabricated modular construction. EV fast charging concept is built from modules that can be scaled into different size units and shapes according to the needs of the location and customer needs. Structure allows different visualization and additional service possibilities to the module.
Our strength is the project management of the entire project. Through our cooperation network we can offer fast charging module from design and permitting process to installation. In development process we have taken account cost effective installation process, scalability, and future changes in technology.

Uniti Expo 2022

U-Cont and Labkotec long way to 2022 Uniti Expo Stuttgart.

Welcome to visit on our stand 5A43 May 17-19.5.2022

U-Cont Oy’s management is being renewed 

Notice of change of CEO at U-Cont Ltd 3.1.2022  


U-Cont Oy’s management is being renewed 


Joel (Jopi) Sistonen started as U-Cont´s CEO at the beginning of this year. Tita Tajakka-Hotti has been appointed deputy CEO. Jari Sistonen, who started at the company´s CEO in 1997 will continue in development position after his 25 year term.  


” The CEO position is a great opportunity and it´s nice to have new challenges. The speed of change and surprises due to Covid, geopolitics and component shortages, for example, certainly make the work interesting and challenging. Fortunately, we have an evolving customer base and supplier network around us. However, as a family business, U-Cont is very familiar to me, which gives perspective to things”, says Joel Sistonen who has been the company´s CEO for the third generation.  


” For me, it´s an interesting challenge to move on to international sales after procurement career and continue Jari´s internationalization work. I hope I can also help women to come to work in traditional industries and to take new challenges”, describes the situation Tita Tajakka-Hotti, deputy CEO.  


“A quarter of a century in MD job and decade of other jobs here has left its mark. A lot has happened, and it has been great to be the engine of change in this international industry. Projects around the world with leading companies in the field, as well as many inventions, have enabled a great career. We have had a world record for the speed of construction of a petrol station since 1998. Now is a good time to focus on my passion which is problem solving through technology. Solutions are now expected to tackle climate change with technology”, says Jari Sistonen. 


Matti Lipsanen will continue as Chairman of the Board of U-Cont. The company has a subsidiary in Poland. U-Cont is a leading manufacturer of distribution stations and systems in Northern Europe. In the new market situation, when electric cars are changing the market, the company has invested in data centres, industrial systems and has also been involved in developing hydrogen solutions. The turnover was in 2020 13 million euros and year 2021 will be at the same level. 


“An all-time investment boom is expected in the energy sector as long as the direction of the solutions becomes clear in the politico-technical game. Billion-dollar investments await the author and our advanced know-how and experience in modulated construction will continue to be in international demand in the future. The company’s all-time team of experts will continue to work, and I will be responsible for coaching them in my new role together with international relations management.” Jari says. 


“Energy-related changes will significantly change the current business environment in the coming years offering new opportunities. You just must be able to see and take advantage of these opportunities. We have a great team here, so it´s good to start building the future, “says Joel. 


Joel Sistonen & Jari Sistonen 




Greetings from U-Cont,

Thank You for good cooperation during this year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the staff at U-Cont!

Published 18.12.2020

100th UNO-X station opened

We have been manufacturing distribution stations for our customer Uno-X in Norway for several years.
The 100th UNO-X station has opened and a queue in the yard.
Many thanks to Uno-X for cooperation!

Published 5.11.2020

Management system update

We have updated our management system to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard. At the same time, we have renewed our quality manual for a new management system.

Published 27.3.2018

U-Cont participates in the distribution station days in Jyväskylä on 4.-5.10.2017

The service station days gather a large number of service stations professionals in the field and other actors in the service station as well as authorities to hear and discuss the issues affecting service station operations in Jyväskylä.

The program includes, among others, an overview of service station technology, various safety issues, and the development prospects for automotive fuels and propulsion. In conjunction with the seminar, the Jyväskylä Pavilion offers the a chance to get acquainted with the newest offering in the field.

U-Cont presents service station days solutions from terrestrial distribution stations on his stand. The AdContain distribution point is a visually unique and technically smart solution. Unique aboveground tanks are made at the same level of security as underground solutions.

AdContain makes it possible to develop a new kind of appearance for the entire distribution chain, it is extremely safe and cost-effective due to minor earthwork, fast installation, easy maintenance, and small space requirements.
Published 28.9.2017

Apocalyptica to play at U-Cont in 2017

Finnish cello metal band Apocalyptica will have a consert at U-Cont in the summer 2017. Apocalyptica has sold more than 4,5 million albums worldwide. Apocalyptica will mainly consentrate on Metallica songs in the concert to celebrate their first album, consisting og Metallica covers only, that was released 20 years ago. 15.12.2016

U-Cont rewarded for international growth potential

U-Cont was chosen as one of the 8 best companies taking part in Kasvu Open competition, the most succesful competition for companies aiming for growth in Finland. Almost 800 companies applied for the competition.
U-Cont was rewarded also one of the 20 companies with the most international growth potential in Finnish the competition. Team Finland and Kasvu Open offer the winners expert guidance in international growth. The program includes also an optional trip to the target market.
Published 28.10.2016

U-Cont takes part in the safety and environment days of service station in Finland

U-cont takes part in the safety and environment days of service stations and oil products storage in Hämeenlinna, Finland, 28.9.-29.9.2016. U-Cont has a stand in the exhibition of service and product suppliers and the CEO of U-Cont, Jari Sistonen, holds a speech at the event with the topic ‘Above Ground Storage System for Gasoline’. Published 26.9.2016

The 50th birthday celebration of U-Cont culminated in effervescent rock

U-Cont partied its 50 years in business with a celebration dinner and concert of a Finnish rock legend Ismo Alanko. The concert was held in the U-Cont factory and more than 700 people took part in the consert. Also, first steps of handing off the ownership to the nest generation of the family was published in the celebrations.
We would like to thank all well- wishers, everyone who took a part in the celebrations as well as partners and customers for the years we have passed. Published 27.6.2016





Product Launch in UNITI Expo, Stuttgart

With globalization and digitalization remote markets are now reachable also for backwoods companies. Recently, U-Cont Ltd received guests from Africa to its head office in the Countyside of Finland. The fruitful visit left thoughts lingering in the minds of U-Cont’s developers: indeed, snow load is not an issue in most of the world. The guests dreamt of light and easily transported U-Cont filling stations, a dream that resulted in the development process of D-model filling stations.
“Filling stations had to be re-invented, and that has now been done”, comments Jari Sistonen, the managing director of U-Cont Ltd.
Globalization has been partly driven By containers, an innovation that revolutionized the global logistics. The tank of D-model petrol station works as a shpping container and the rest of the filling station, from canopy to dispenser, are tranported inside the container tank. This decreases the need of space, protects the equipment and makes the transportation easy and inexpensive.
The local infrastucture was also taken into consideration in the development process. For example, decrepit roads hinder the use of cranes in many years. Therefore, the new filling station is designed to be installed without cranes: the tank can be driven straight to the pint and the canopy installed with only manpower.
A lot of the existing products qualities of the North European model were tranferred also in the D-model, directed to the new market. The most important quality was the Nordic standard for product safety that has kept the thousands lakes in Finland drinkable heretofore and will continue to keep them so.
Environmental safety, safe use and installation as well as safety against terrorism needed to be ensured in an inexpensive way.
D-model is officially published June 14th in Uniti Expo, a trade fair for retail petroleum and car wash sector held in Stuttgart, Germany. The manufacturing of D-model is planned to begin in October 2016. Some buildings lots have already been prepared in Kenya. Also, construction permit applications and financial arrangements have begun in cooperation with customers who participated the product development process. Patent is pending for the D-model filling stations.
“We expect a lot from sales of the product in the coming years. Also, the new product is a great start for expanding our filling station business in the developing countries, in which the growth rate of the economies is on a different level than in our odinary markets”, comments Jari Sistonen.
We are happy to tell more at our stand 5B01 in UNITI Expo 14-16 June. Published 13.6.2016


U-Cont won the Regional Kasvupolku Competition as the Company with the Most Growth Potential

U-Cont Ltd was chosen as the winner of Kasvupolku competition in the Southern Savonia region on Monday, May 30th. Fifteen companies were chosen to the regional finals. The competition focuses in companies with the most potential for regional and internation growth. The head of the Jury, Matti Kivipelto, highlighted the ability of U-Cont in taking theories learned into practice as well as the importance of the clear growth plan U-Cont has.

U-Cont will proceed in the competition to the national finals with Proxion Oy, a Company that received an honorary award in the regional competition.


More specific information: Jari Sistonen +358 40 5510 580. Published 1.6.2016

Norwegian Fuel Company Studies Creative Craziness in the Heart of Lake Saimaa in Finland

The Norwegian fuel Company Uno-X has brought a group of 80 employees to Lake Saimaa, the home of creative craziness where unique stories are born. Uno-X Automat, Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and U-Cont are planning to astonish Norwegian guests with creative business thinking, relaxed activities, familiarizing with the locals and bedazzling with the nature of Linnasaari national park.

The close cooperation between Uno-X and Finnish U-Cont begun in 2009 when the companies signed a long term contract of supplying fuel stations to Norway. As a result of combining Finnish innovation and Norwegian investment, over 60 fuel stations have been built. The vision has been to further develop the leading automated fuel station concept in the world. A major goal for the cooperation has to reduce the on-site installation time of a fuel station, from 45 days – to four days. The development abilities of U-Cont are a part of the educational program for the Uno-X staff. Two companies are also exploring inovation ideas to reach their business goals in the future.

A delegation of Uno-X Automat was brought to Hotel and Spa Resort Järvisydän on their first visit to U-Cont, aiming to return to the remote, yet beautiful and unique location. The CEO of Uno-X Automat, Ole Johannes Tonnessen, visited Järvisydän the first time last year, liking the Place so much, that he decided to return with the whole Uno-X Automat for the next big annual event.

The four day trip for Uno-X Automat includes visits to local companies, education, raising the team spirit in rowing competition and local culture at a rock consert By the Finnish band, Osmos Cosmos, where the Norwegians meet locals

Published 4.9.2015

Five day installation

U-Contin products made an unofficial record of installing Norway’s filling station. The station sold fuel five days after the excavator had touched the ground for the first time. The installation was made in Bodø, Norway. Published 17.6.2014. See the video of installation.